XFEL Tour in Hamburg (5-6h away from Dresden)

European XFEL accelerator Tour on June 29th from 1pm to app. 5pm (limited to 45 persons)

On Saturday, right before the conference, DESY will offer a guided tour in the European XFEL tunnel, the European XFEL injector hall and the AMTF hall (optional). The tour is offered for free and includes a bus transfer from Hamburg to Dresden on Sunday morning. Please note that the European XFEL tunnel and injector are radiation controlled areas, so you have to register on-site. Please take also into account that the tour is done on foot. If you require any mobility assistance, please contact us in advance.

For hotel information please check the following list (PDF). We recommend a reservation in the Mercure Hotel because it is next door to DESY (to the side entrance it is a max. 10 minutes’ walk.). Please be aware that you will need a credit card number to make a reservation. Deadline of registration for the XFEL Tour is May 15, 2019.

In case of any questions please contact Mrs. Katrin Lando by mail ( E-Mail ).




July 5th from 1pm to 5pm

On Friday, July 5th the Helmholtz-Center Dresden-Rossendorf offers a guided tour to the ELBE Radiation Source. The tour buses will leave at 1pm from the conference venue and return about 5pm. Lunch bags (optionally vegetarian) will be provided.

ELBE is a user facility utilizing a high-power cw electron beam with currents up to 1.6 mA which is accelerated by a superconducting RF accelerator up to 35 MeV beam energy. This beam is used to drive two free-electron lasers for the mid and far infrared spectral range. A superradiant THz source delivers synchronized broad-band and narrow-band (undulator) radiation in the 100 GHz to 3 THz frequency range. [https://www.hzdr.de/db/Cms?pNid=145]

A superconducting radio frequency (RF) photoelectron injector (SRF gun) is in operation at the ELBE Radiation Source. It is designed to either generate a high-average current cw electron beam with low emittance to drive the ELBE FELs or deliver a high bunch charge (up to 1nC) for the ELBE THz and particle sources. [https://www.hzdr.de/db/Cms?pNid=2804]



The Onsite-Gallery plus video and the Proceedings are now available.

Important Dates

  • January 18, 2019
    Abstract submission opens
  • February 04, 2019
    Registration opens
  • February 15, 2019
    Early abstract submission deadline
  • March 18, 2019
    Deadline for student support requests
  • April 15, 2019
    Early registration deadline
  • April 15, 2019
    Abstract Submission extended
  • April 15, 2019
    Industrial exhibition deadline
  • June 23, 2019
    Paper submission closes
  • June 27, 2019
    Tutorial begins
  • June 30, 2019
    Conference begins
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